Flight logging app for freeflight pilots
Easy to use. Mobile friendly. Free.

What is Koifly?

Koifly is a free, open-source, online flight logbook for freeflight pilots. If you are a hang glider or paraglider pilot – this app is for you!

No more paper or spreadsheets which are inefficient and limit your ability to analyze your flights. Keeping your flight log with us means you can access it whenever and wherever you need it either from your computer or smartphone.

We dedicated ourselves to making easy to use and on the go application. Sign up now, it’s free and always will be!


Log your flights (Duh :)

  • Your flights are securely stored online, access them whenever and wherever you want
  • Upload IGC flight tracks and see it on the map. Who doesn't want to store GPS tracks along with the other flight information?
  • Be aware of your progress: check how often and where you fly, and whether you have enough flights and airtime for the next pilot rating

Map your flying spots

  • Store and organize your sites information in one place, switch to map view for more convenience
  • Track how familiar you are with the spot: check how often you fly at the site and what is the best time of the year to fly there
  • Save places where you want to go: record local contacts, safety hazards, local thermalling tips, etc.

Analyze your flights

  • See individual flight statistics: how high you were during a flight, your climb rate, how far from the launch, what glide ratio to the landing zone.
  • Get more insights from your data: your highest/longest flight for the season, what site you fly more often, which weather condition induce to longer flights, just to name a few.

Save your gliders info

  • Be aware of your bird's condition: check how many flights you have on the glider and whether it needs new wires or other maintenance
  • Manage your gear smartly: write a comment with glider serial number, dealer contact information, link to an article how to perform a minor repair, etc.

Mobile friendly

  • Works on any device, just go to koifly.com/flights
  • Get fully functional application on your smartphone with intuitive navigation controls
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Coming soon

  • Data export
    We understand that your data shouldn't be locked in the app. It's convenient to store everything in one place but if you need your flights or IGC tracks elsewhere – just download them.
  • Tagging and advanced search
    Tag your flights: was it winch tow or a foot launch, powered or unpowered flight. Filter through your flights, see if you have enough flights of various kinds for that instructor rating.
  • More fields for each data type
    Wind strength and direction, landing zone coordinates and more.
  • Offline app
    Our passion for flying can bring us to some remote places with no Internet connection, we plan to solve this problem too.

Your feedback is welcome!

Koifly will constantly be improved and stuffed with more features. New functionality will be added in order of more value to users.

If you have any suggestions or ideas I would like to hear from you.

Feel free to contact me: nkaplina@gmail.com

About me

My husband and I are hang gliding pilots in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Hang gliding and paragliding is a spirit freeing sport, for most of us it’s a lifestyle. But it comes with its own perils. For me, safety is a key factor for enjoyable flights. I use a flight log to refresh my knowledge in the beginning of the season, make some notes, plan flying trips, gather information about new sites, etc.

As a web developer and a pilot, I decided to combine my two passions and create an online application to make our flying experience even more pleasurable. I hope you will enjoy using Koifly as much as we do!